Three versions of FileMaster3 is now supported by Amiga911 Maker, and on this page you can find some info about them + download links to the archives. Do have in mind though, that all essential FileMaster3 files are now included with the Amiga911 Maker 1.62 distribution.

FileMaster 3.2  Beta 2
This is the most recent version, which contains some new functions, but also contains some new bugs as well.  In addition, the file size is slightly larger than the other versions. It really works best with AmigaOS 3.x, but the 68000 executable does partially work with Amiga OS 2.1 as well.

FileMaster 3.1  Beta 11
This one has a smaller size than V3.2, but lacks some features, and will only work with AmigaOS 3.0 and higher.

FileMaster 3.1  Beta 4
This is the oldest version, which is most compatible with AmigaOS 2.1 (68K executable), but it lacks certain features + proper support for large harddisks (>4GB) though.

On all Amiga911 Maker projects for AmigaOS 3.x,  either FM3.2 or FM3.1-B11 can be added.
On OS2.1 Amiga911 disks and OS2.x variants of the A911Extras packs,  either FM3.2 or FM3.1-B4 can be added.

Some notes for AmigaOS 2.x
As mentioned above, the 68000 version of FileMaster 3.2 and 3.1-B4 does actually work with AmigaOS 2.1 (it just crashes on 2.0 though). But there are however a couple of workarounds involved, since certain functions in FileMaster3 will just crash the Amiga.  In order to overcome these problems, some special config files for OS2.1 has been created. Here are some info regarding this:

1. The internal IFF-ILBM viewer just crashes the program! Here a new sort of "dummy" button has been added, which overrides the internal viewer. So whenever a picture is double-clicked, FM3 will try to use PPShow instead (which fails since this viewer is not included). Not a very elegant solution I know, and I will try to think of something else later.

2. The "Copy As" button in the FM3.2 config has been removed since it just causes a crash. This function seems to work fine in FM3.1 though, so in this config the button is still present.

3. The "Delete" button can be a bit flaky, and this goes for both FM3.2 & FM3.1. There are no problems with deleting files, but when trying to delete non-empty directories, the program might crash. This is most likely because the routine in FileMaster3 that checks if the given directory is empty, really isn't 100% AmigaOS 2.1 compatible. Anyway, there is a new "DeleteD" button added, which can be used for deleting directories instead. This uses a new function in the SystemXtra script, and it will ask you whether or not to delete the selected dir (or file). The main limitation with this function, is that it will only delete.the first selected item in the list (so no multiple deletes).

The above stuff is all the problems I have encountered with FileMaster3 on a OS2.1 Amiga so far, but have in mind that there may still be more issues than what's mentioned here. This information will also appear on a seperate page some time in the future.

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