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Amiga911 Maker   -   Roger E. Håseth 2010 - 2015


A special thanks goes out to the following people:
 Chris Hodges       -   for his help with adding support for the Poseidon USB stack, for providing the special cut down version of the poseidon.library and for giving various suggestions and tips like using StripHunk, hardlinks and adding support for multiple USB controllers on the Amiga911 disk.
 Gilles Pelletier       -  for his help with adding support for the Anaiis USB stack, and for providing various information, tips and suggestions regarding Anaiis.
 ncafferkey       -  for helping me to understand how to calculate the exact space any given file will use on a floppy disk.

Third party software - who made what.

Amiga911 Maker and the stuff that can be created with it wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of many other persons, and since I belive that credit should be given where credit is due, here is a list over all software that is related to the program with info about who made what.


Software that can/will be included on the Amiga911 disk, A911Extras
disk/drawer and Emergency Disk II for AmigaOS 3.9:

0Utils Bernd Noll
AmiCDFS Martin Berndt
Anaiis Gilles Pelletier
BEEP Lorence Lombardo
CFD Torsten Jager
Check4GB Thomas Rapp
CopyReplace Dirk Stoecker
Cut Kyzer/CSG
bgui.library BGUI Developers Team
boards.library Thomas Barth
DiskImage Thore Böckelmann
DiskMaster2 Rudolph Riedel & Jody Tierney
DiskSalv2 Dave Haynie
DiskSalv4 Dave Haynie
Fat95 Torsten Jager
FileMaster3 Toni Wilen & Christian Kummerow
GetString Diego Caravana
gtlayout.library Olaf `Olsen' Barthel & Costel 'Cyborg' Mincea
HDInstTools Oliver Kastl
HJSplit Henk Hagedoorn & Rhesa Rozendaal
IDEfix Oliver Kastl
JanoEditor Cyrille Guillaume & Thierry Pierron
KeyPressed Ralph Seichter
LhA 1.38 Stefan Boberg
LoadModule Torbjörn Andersson
Mass Rudolf Kudla
MaxTransTest Thomas Rapp
MiniXpkGuide Martin Gierich
Most Uwe Roehm
MSys 1.2 Michal Letowski
NSDPatch Heinz Wrobel
Ordering Julien Torrès
PFS Michiel Pelt
PFS3-AIO Toni Wilen
PFSSalv2 Thomas Rapp
Poseidon Chris Hodges
Redit Kai Scherrer
reqtools.library Nico François & Magnus Holmgren
RequestFile Torsten Poulin Nielsen
SetPatch 43.6b Heinz Wrobel
SFS John Hendrikx & Joerg Strohmayer
SFSSalv Joerg Strohmayer
SnoopDos Eddy Carroll
SysInfo Nic Wilson & Tobias Geijersson
toBack&Front Stefan Sticht
ToolsDaemon Nico François & Mikolaj Calusinski
TransADF Karl J. Ots
TurboText Martin Taillefer
UnLZX 2.16 Oliver Gantert
UnZip 5.32 Greg Roelofs
Virus Checker II John Veldthuis & Alex van Niel
WhichAmiga Harry "Piru" Sintonen
xLoadSeg Christian Schneider
xMore Jorma Oksanen
xPack Matthias Scheler
xpkmaster.library D. Stöcker, C. von Roques, U.D. Müller & B. Ford
xpkSHRI.library Matthias Meixner
xvs.library Georg Hörmann, Alex van Niel & Jan Erik Olausen
ZShell Paul Hayter & Martin Gierich

Software that is used by Amiga911 Maker:
GPatch Ralf Gruner
Gui4Cli D. Keletsekis
HDToolBox Patch          Mark Knibbs
LZX Jonathan Forbes & Tomi Poutanen
ProcessIcon Dirk Stoecker
SPatch Stefan Haubenthal
StripHunk Joerg Riemer

It is quite possible that persons who should have been on the list above isn't mentioned there. If this is the case, it's not done on purpose, and it doesn't mean that their work is of less importance or something like that. The reason will simply be that I forgot to include them.

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