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Screenshots & YouTube videos
Here you can find some Amiga911 related screenshots + various other images, and there are also a few YouTube videos on this page as well. More stuff will be added at a later date.

Some general info regarding the screenshots on this site:
A few of the grabs have been done in WinUAE, but the majority has been done on a real Amiga by using SGrab. I have used PPaint for touching up and color-reducing the resulting screenshots whenever this was necessary, and I have also used this program for doubling the height of grabs done on native non-laced Amiga screenmodes (like 640x256). This is because they don't use square pixels, and the images will look wrong on most modern displays. All thumbnails have been created by using IrfanView on my pc, and then post-processed in PPaint.



Emergency Disk II  &  AmigaOS 3.9 USB pendrive


These grabs shows my main Amiga 1200 after booting an AmigaOS 3.9 USB pendrive by using two different variants of the Emergency Disk II. On the left image, I used the standard ready-made version which includes the Poseidon USB stack. And on the right, I used a customized Emergency Disk II floppy with Picasso96, Mediator and Poseidon support.

Hires vs. Hires Laced screenmodes

These two Workbench grabs that was taken after booting an Amiga911 disk for OS 2.1 shows the difference between using a non-laced and a laced screenmode. The left image shows a PAL Hires screen (640x256) where the Topaz & Topaz_prop 8 fonts are used, and the right one shows a PAL Hires Laced screen (640x512) with the Topaz & Topaz_prop 11 fonts.

Amiga911 disk with Picasso96 & Mediator support

The possibility to import various files and settings from the system to your project was added in Amiga911 Maker 1.54, and this includes importing stuff like Monitor drivers + Picasso96 & Mediator files. The grab was made after booting a customized Amiga911 disk on my main A1200 which has a Mediator busboard and Voodoo3 gfx card installed. Never have a RTG screen looked more boring :-)

The supported filemanagers

There are three different file managers that can be added to Amiga911 Maker projects, and they are DiskMaster2, FileMaster3 and Ordering. All of them can now either use a customized 16 color palette (top images), 8 color palette (middle images), or a 4 color palette (bottom images). If you want to change the screenmode of a manager, you must remember to select a mode that best suits the filemanager config (16, 8 or 4 colors). For more info about the file managers, check out the Programs page.

YouTube videos

Testing a new MiniThylacine USB card on my Amiga 1500

Booting my AmigaOS 3.9 USB stick by using an Emergency Disk II.


Various other videos:

The Amiga911 boot disk Part 1:
Activating the Amiga911 disk and making a backup of it.

The Amiga911 boot disk Part 2:
Setting up a harddisk on the Amiga by using HDToolbox.

The Amiga911 boot disk Part 3:
Installing ClassicWB directly from HDF image file.

The Amiga911 boot disk Part 4:
Installing Workbench + BetterWB directly from ADF image files.


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