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This page contains various information regarding Amiga911 Maker, the ready-made disks/packs and the Large HD pack. There will also be some new content added in the future as well.

Release History  -  what was new in Amiga911 Maker in the past.
Mail the Author  -  how to contact the author of Amiga911 Maker.
Legal Stuff  -  disclaimer, distribution, copyright and third-party software notes.
Ready-made Amiga911 disks  -  info about the ten Amiga911 boot disks that can be used directly.
Ready-made A911Extras packs  -  info about the eight A911Extras disks/drawers that can be used directly.
Ready-made Emergency Disk II  -  info about the three Emergency Disk II boot floppies that can be used directly.
Info about the Amiga Large HD pack  -  all you need for using large harddisks on the Amiga.
Some info about LZX compressing  -  information about the LZX archive format.
Some info about XPK crunching  -  information about the XPK packer system.
The Amiga911 icons  -  some info about the icons used on the Amiga911 disk.
The System0 dir and System0.lzx archive  -  explains what this directory and archive are used for.
The UserLZX and UserXPK directories  -  the "User Dir(s)" option in the "Create Archives" Gui explained.
If you don't have any System disks  -  what can be done if you are missing the Workbench disks.
How to manually create the disk  -  manually formatting, installing and copying files to the Amiga911 disk.
Current Problems  -  some info about the current Amiga911 Maker related problems and limitations.

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