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This is the home of the easy to use boot disk creator Amiga911 Maker, and here you can find some information about the program + various tutorials which among other things explains how to create & use the Amiga911 boot disk.  In order to find out more, you can check out  the About page, and for downloading the program + other related files, take a look at the Downloads page.

There are also some generic Ready-made Amiga911 boot disksA911Extras packs and Emergency Disk II floppies available for download as well, you can read more about them by following the links.

This site has been made to be as browser-friendly as possible (which partially explains the usage of frames and the rather simplistic page layout), and this in turn means that you should be able to access the site by using any of the classic Amiga web browsers. The site will automatically choose a layout that best matches the screenmode you are using, but this does however require that your browser supports javascript. To manually select another layout, click one of the following links which best suits your screen:
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Quick overview
Just in case you're not quite sure what this is all about, here is a quick overview:
Amiga911 - a standalone boot disk which includes a minimal Workbench and various drivers, tools and other software.
A911Extras - a disk or drawer that contains various drivers, tools and other software. Think of it as a portable "toolbox" for the Amiga.
Emergency Disk II - an improved version of the original Emergency Disk. Allows for alternative methods of installing AmigaOS 3.9.
Amiga911 Maker - a program that allows you to create all the above in a quick and easy way.

Latest version of Amiga911 Maker
The latest version of the program is 1.62, and it was released on the 28. August 2015.
Among the new changes are the following:  All major Programs related files are now included with Amiga911 Maker,  possibility to add DiskSalv4, MaxTransTest, PFSSalv2 & SFSSalv to the disks/drawers,  new keypress method during boot for using DosBoot mode,  and a new A911 Maker Prefs window with Workbench ADF mount & Expert mode options.  You can read more about both this and the other changes right here.
There are also some new sets of the ready-made boot disks & A911Extras packs available as well.

Amiga911 Maker review
Issue 109 of Amiga Future includes a review of Amiga911 Maker,  you can read more about it here.

New / Updated Tutorials!
All main tutorials has been updated to reflect the changes in Amiga911 Maker 1.62, and the following new ones are added:
A911Maker Prefs & Edit project details - configuring the program + changing the details of a project.
The DosBoot method - an alternative way of booting the Amiga911 & Emergency Disk II floppy.

Current Problems!
There are some issues with version 1.18 of the ANAIIS USB stack, which is mentioned on the Current Problems page.

The Poseidon USB Stack
Chris Hodges has taken down his website, so it's no longer possible to download Poseidon from there. Instead you can find the USB stack here.


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