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On this page you will find some instructions about how to copy essential files from an A911Extras disk/drawer to your system partition. There are two main types of the A911Extras pack, where one is for AmigaOS 2.x, and the other one is for AmigaOS 3.x.  It is important that the A911Extras pack you copy from matches the OS on the destination drive, you shouldn't copy files from an OS 3.x pack to an AmigaOS 2.0 partition for example. Another thing to have in mind is that certain executables on the floppy disk editions of A911Extras is Imploder crunched, so after they are copied, you may want to decrunch the files by using the included Deplode tool.

Copying files to your boot partition
You can start copying various files to your system partition by following the instructions below, where the main A911Extras disk/drawer is to be considered as the source for copying files. Have in mind that a standard Workbench/AmigaOS installation is assumed to be used as destination for the files, if any of the files already exists, you should in most cases not overwrite them, this is especially true if they have a higher version number. You may also notice that some of the source files might be smaller than the existing files (even if they have the same version number), this is most likely because StripHunk has been used on the executables in order to reduce the file sizes, or they may actually be Imploder crunched instead. Another thing is that in some cases, you will probably be better off with installing the FULL versions of certain software that's listed below.

The left part of the list shows what files to copy, and the right part shows where they should be copied to on your System partition. Have in mind that if there's any dirs missing in the destination path, you will have to create them yourself. Any item in the Source list which ends with a slash (/) indicates a directory, here you must copy the actual dir with all contents. You may notice that in some cases, the source path doesn't exactly match the destination path. This is due to various workarounds used on the A911Extras packs, what is specified as destination in the list is usually the best dir to copy the item to. But have in mind that whenever System, Tools or Utilities are specified as destination, you can just consider it to be mere suggestions only, since these files can be copied to wherever you like. You may also notice that some files are mentioned on several places in the list (like fat95 for example), this doesn't mean that you have to copy the files multiple times, just make sure that they are present on your boot partition.

It is probably easiest to use a filemanager for copying the files, but it can of course be done in Workbench as well (by dragging and dropping them). Just remember that after opening a drawer, you should select "Window > Show > All files" from the Workbench menu, so that files without icons also will be shown in the window. Another thing is that you can ignore all files that ends with .info in the list below, this is because they are icons which will automatically be included when you drag & drop the files.

All destination paths in the list starts with DH0:. If your boot partition is called something else, you must replace DH0: with the Device or Volume name of your partition.  If you are are copying stuff to an Amiga that has AmigaOS 2.0 installed, you should also read this as well.


System Files
 Source  Destination

Misc System files - AmigaOS 2.0 & 2.1 only
A911Extras/C/RequestChoice DH0:C/
A911Extras/C/RequestFile DH0:C/
A911Extras/Libs/amigaguide.library DH0:Libs/
A911Extras/Utilities/MiniXPKGuide DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Utilities/ DH0:Utilities/
  These type of files are already included in AmigaOS 3.0 and higher.
  You can just rename MiniXPKGuide to AmigaGuide or MultiView.

Misc System files - AmigaOS 2.0 only
A911Extras/C/Mount21 DH0:C/
A911Extras/Devs/MountList DH0:Devs/
  Please read this for more information about the files.

Misc System files - All AmigaOS versions
A911Extras/C/GetString DH0:C/
A911Extras/C/LhA DH0:C/
A911Extras/C/UnLZX DH0:C/
A911Extras/C/UnZip DH0:C/
A911Extras/L/AmiCDFS DH0:L/
A911Extras/L/fat95 DH0:L/
A911Extras/Libs/reqtools.library DH0:Libs/
A911Extras/Devs/DOSDrivers/PC0 DH0:Storage/DOSDrivers/
A911Extras/Devs/DOSDrivers/ DH0:Storage/DOSDrivers/
A911Extras/Devs/DOSDrivers/PC1 DH0:Storage/DOSDrivers/
A911Extras/Devs/DOSDrivers/ DH0:Storage/DOSDrivers/
A911Extras/Utilities/mARK DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Utilities/ DH0:Utilities/

CF0: files  (PCMCIA - CF card)
A911Extras/Devs/compactflash.device DH0:Devs/
A911Extras/L/fat95 DH0:L/
A911Extras/Devs/DOSDrivers/CF0 DH0:Storage/DOSDrivers/
A911Extras/Devs/DOSDrivers/ DH0:Storage/DOSDrivers/

PFS files  (Professional File System)
A911Extras/C/pfsformat DH0:C/
A911Extras/L/pfs3_aio-handler DH0:L/

SFS files  (Smart File System)
A911Extras/C/SFScheck DH0:C/
A911Extras/C/SFSformat DH0:C/
A911Extras/L/SmartFileSystem DH0:L/

A911Extras/C/ZShell DH0:C/
A911Extras/S/ZStart DH0:S/
A911Extras/SysTools/ZSH DH0:System/
A911Extras/SysTools/ DH0:System/

Program Files
 Source  Destination

A911Extras/Programs/Check4GB DH0:Tools/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Tools/
A911Extras/Programs/Check4GB.filesys DH0:S/

A911Extras/Programs/DiskImageCtrl DH0:C/
A911Extras/Programs/DiskImageGui DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Devs/diskimage.device DH0:Devs/

A911Extras/Programs/DiskMaster2 DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/S/Startup.DM DH0:S/
A911Extras/S/SystemXtra DH0:S/
  The SystemXtra file is needed for the Shell & EDit text functions.

A911Extras/Programs/DiskSalv2 DH0:Tools/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Tools/

A911Extras/Programs/DiskSalv4 DH0:Tools/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Tools/

A911Extras/Programs/FileMaster3 DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Libs/bgui.library DH0:Libs/
A911Extras/Libs/gadgets/bgui_palette.gadget DH0:Libs/gadgets/
A911Extras/Prefs/Env-Archive/fm.prefs DH0:Prefs/Env-Archive/
A911Extras/S/SystemXtra DH0:S/
  The SystemXtra file is needed for the Shell & EDit text functions.

A911Extras/Programs/HDInstTools DH0:Tools/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Tools/

A911Extras/Programs/HJSplit DH0:C/
A911Extras/Programs/HJSplitGui DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/

A911Extras/Programs/ImageMount DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Devs/filedisk.device DH0:Devs/

A911Extras/Programs/JanoEditor DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/

A911Extras/Programs/MaxTransTest DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/

A911Extras/Programs/Ordering DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Prefs/OrderingPrefs DH0:Prefs/
A911Extras/Prefs/ DH0:Prefs/
A911Extras/Prefs/Env-Archive/Ordering.Prefs DH0:Prefs/Env-Archive/
A911Extras/S/SystemXtra DH0:S/
  The SystemXtra file is needed for the Shell & EDit text functions.

A911Extras/Programs/PFSDoctor DH0:Tools/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Tools/
A911Extras/Classes/Gadgets/progress.gadget DH0:Classes/Gadgets/

A911Extras/Programs/PFSSalv2 DH0:Tools/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Tools/

A911Extras/Programs/Redit DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/

A911Extras/Programs/SFSSalv DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Libs/gtlayout.library DH0:Libs/

A911Extras/Programs/SnoopDos DH0:System/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:System/

A911Extras/Programs/SysInfo DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/S/SysInfo.boards DH0:S/

A911Extras/Programs/TransADF DH0:C/
A911Extras/Programs/TransADFGui DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/

A911Extras/Programs/TTX DH0:Utilities/TurboText/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/TurboText/
A911Extras/Programs/Libs/ttxreqs.library DH0:Utilities/TurboText/Libs/
A911Extras/Programs/Libs/ttxsupport.library DH0:Utilities/TurboText/Libs/
A911Extras/Programs/Libs/turbotext.library DH0:Utilities/TurboText/Libs/
A911Extras/S/TTX_Startup.prf DH0:S/

Virus Checker II
A911Extras/Programs/Virus_CheckerII/ DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Classes/Gadgets/tabs.gadget DH0:Classes/Gadgets/
A911Extras/Libs/bgui.library DH0:Libs/
A911Extras/Libs/xvs.library DH0:Libs/
A911Extras/S/Virus_Checker.config DH0:Utilities/Virus_CheckerII/

A911Extras/Programs/WhichAmiga DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Programs/ DH0:Utilities/
A911Extras/Libs/boards.library DH0:Libs/

Misc System files - AmigaOS 2.0 only
If you are copying stuff to an Amiga with Workbench 2.0, the following files needs an explenation:
Mount21  -  this file may be required if you want to use ImageMount for mounting ADF, ISO and HDF images as virtual devices, since it will not work with the standard Mount command included with Workbench 2.0.

MountList  -  unlike AmigaOS 2.1 and higher, a standard AmigaOS 2.0 install doesn't mount devices by using seperate mount files for each device in Devs/DosDrivers/. Instead it uses a single file called MountList in Devs/ which contains all mount entries. The 2.x versions of the A911Extras pack contains a new and more improved MountList file instead of the original one, this file can also replace the default MountList in a standard AmigaOS 2.0 installation.


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