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The boot disks and A911Extras packs includes a very simplistic requester based script called mARK, which allows you to easily extract files from archives. By default only lha and lzx archives is supported, but if UnZip is found by the script, it can also be able to extract zip archives as well. After using an Emergency Disk II for booting the AmigaOS 3.9 CD, mARK can actually support almost any archive format since the CD includes the xadmaster system.

In order to use mARK, you can find it in Ram:System/Utilities after booting the Amiga911 disk, and in Ram:System after booting the Emergency Disk II. You can also find it in the extended Workbench menu as well. On the A911Extras packs, mARK is located in the Utilities dir inside the main A911Extras disk/drawer.


How to use mARK
When you have started mARK, the above requester should have been opened. It has the following buttons:

Archive - this button will open a file requester which allows you to select an archive file.
Dest - this one opens a requester that allows you to select the destination directory where the files should be extracted to.
Ext. All - if you click this button, all files in the selected archive will be extracted to the dest dir you have chosen.
Ext. Sel - opens a string requester which allows you to enter the name of a file to extract, you can also enter wildcard characters here.  When you are done, click the OK button to extract the file(s).
List - by clicking this button, a list over the archive contents will be made, the resulting file will then be opened with MultiView. When you close MultiView, the list file will be deleted from the Ram disk. You can also have multiple lists open at the same time.
Cancel - can you guess what this button does :-)

The (un)archivers used by mARK
As previously mentioned, the type of archives that can be extracted, depends upon what mARK actually finds on the current system. Below are some lists which shows the various supported (un)archivers, and in what order they are prioritized.
For extracting files from archives: For listing files in archives:
Type 1. pri. 2. pri. 3. pri. Type 1. pri. 2. pri. 3. pri.
lha archives LhA Xad    - lha archives LhA Xad    -
lzx archives Xad LZX UnLZX lzx archives LZX Xad UnLZX
zip archives Xad UnZip    - zip archives UnZip Xad    -
others... Xad    -    - others... Xad    -    -
  Here Xad means using the XadUnfile command, which in turn uses the xadmaster.library

Please note the following about LZX:
If mARK tries to use LZX for extracting lzx files, have in mind that the 68000 version of LZX doesn't support archives with -9 compression (maximum)! You can read more about LZX on the Some info about LZX compressing page.

Do also note the following about UnLZX:
1.  It's possible to use wildcards with UnLZX, but not in the traditional Amiga way. You must use the PC/Unix way with the question mark & the asterisk (? & *) instead.
2.  mARK remembers the text you last entered in the string requester. So when you click the "Ext. Sel" button again, the requester will contain your old string, but this leads to problems if the asterisk (*) was used. The reason for this is that GetString doesn't accept the asterisk in any of it's arguments, and so it fails. When this happens, the text string will be reset and you will have to click "Ext. Sel" again.
3.  Have in mind that UnLZX will not always extract/create empty directories if they are present in the archive. Another thing is that UnLZX will totally ignore the protection bits of files in the lzx archives. Both of this happens upon booting the Amiga911 disk, but I have created workarounds that fixes this.

mARK on Aminet
The mARK script is now available as a seperate distribution on Aminet, you can find it right here: http://aminet.net/package/util/arc/mARK

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