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Since I wanted users of lower-end Amigas to have USB support on the Amiga911 disk, I decided to make this possible by including Anaiis in Amiga911 Maker. This USB stack should work on any Amiga with AmigaOS 1.1 or higher, but you will of course need either a Subway or Highway USB card installed as well. Boot disks which contains Anaiis, will have support for usb mice, keyboards and mass storage devices. The stack has been improved a lot over the years, and certain bugs that earlier was present, has been fixed by author Gilles Pelletier. That being said, there are still some work to be done with Anaiis before it approaches the same level of functionality as the Poseidon stack.

On the Amiga911 boot disk, some of the Anaiis files will be located in other places than what's mentioned in the install instructions that follows the Anaiis package, the usbstart & usbstop commands will be located in C: for example (where their icons are not included in order to save disk space). These commands can be used directly with the help of a small script file I have created.

How to use Anaiis
After you have booted up the Amiga911 disk (which includes Anaiis), you can just take a look in the Ram:System/System drawer where you will find a file called AnaiisMan. Double click this and the requester you see on the right will appear, then you can simply use this for starting and stopping the stack. The Prefs button will open the Anaiis prefs program if it's included on the boot disk.  Another way of running AnaiisMan or Anaiis, is from the workbench menu.

If you want Anaiis to be automatically launched upon booting, you can open the Startup-Sequence on the Amiga911 disk by using Ed or another text editor, then take a look at the bottom of the text file where you will find the following lines:
;stack 8000
;Run >NIL: C:usbstart >NIL:

Remove the semi-colon at the beginning of both lines, and save the file. Now Anaiis should start automatically the next time you boot the disk.

Mounting a USB pendrive with "massive"
First of all I would like to mention that in my experience, it is best to insert the usb pendrive before Anaiis is started, this is because the procedure of mounting it may be more succesful by doing so. Another thing is that it probably is best to use usb drives with a capacity of 2GB or lower, since this in most cases will shorten the time it takes for the drive to be fully mounted.  It is also recommended to use a disk that has never been re-formatted before.

After inserting the USB pendrive and starting Anaiis, double-click the "massive" icon which can be found in the main dir of the Amiga911 disk, or just select it from the workbench menu. The massive tool will now start to enumerate the drive, which may actually take a while (so be patient!).  If this process was succesful, a mount file will then be generated by massive (on the Ram disk), which will be used in an attempt of mounting the drive.  If no problems were encountered, the drive should now be ready for use. Otherwise, read the instructions below.

Problems with mounting the drive
If the Mount command complains about there being errors in the mount file that was generated by massive, here is what you can try:  First click the massive icon and select "Icons > Information" from the workbench menu, then add the following two lines to the Tooltypes list:

Then click the Save button, and try running massive again.
Or as an alternative to this, try entering the following in a Shell instead:

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