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This page contains some info about the current problems and limitations that's related to Amiga911 Maker and the various boot disks & packs which can be created with it.

Issues with ANAIIS 1.18
This version of the USB stack includes a couple of files that's missing the rwed protection bits, which again leads to problems when Amiga911 Maker tries to copy files from the anaiis.lha archive. To overcome this, a new version of A911USBCopy is now available, where it makes sure that the file(s) gets the correct bits upon adding ANAIIS to your Amiga911 boot disk projects.

For installing the update, just download and extract the A911USBCopy_1.4.lha archive. Then copy the A911USBCopy file into the A911MakerData directory so that it overwrites the existing one.

And yes, I actually have started working on a new version of Amiga911 Maker. It is planned to be released in either late 2019 or early 2020.

The following old issues was fixed in version 1.59a and 1.62 of Amiga911 Maker:

Issues with the extra HDToolBox and HDinstTools icons       (fixed in version 1.62)
If they are included on the Amiga911 boot disk, both HDToolBox and HDInstTools will be present in a lzx archive, which means they need to be extracted before they can be used. This will be done to Ram:. The problem with this way of doing things, is that any changes done to their icons on the Ram disk will be lost after a reboot. One example is that you have to edit the tooltypes of the icon if the harddisk controller doesn't use scsi.device.

An attempt to fix this issue was introduced in version 1.59 of Amiga911 Maker, where the Amiga911 disks created will have an extra HDToolBox and/or HDInstTools icon stored directly on the floppy. This idea was based upon the solution used on the AmigaOS 3.9 Emergency Disk. The thought was that if the user has to change something in the icon tooltypes, it can be done to the extra icon on the disk, and then the user can simply click this icon for starting HDToolBox / HDInstTools.

Unfortunately, this just doesn't work!  The reason why is because both programs will only read the tooltypes from the icon that's stored in the same directory as the program, so I really have to come up with a better solution for this issue in the future.  Meanwhile, here is what you can try to do instead:

For HDToolBox:  First do any changes that needs to be done to the icon on the Amiga911 disk, then select "System > Resources > Extract HDToolBox" from the workbench menu. When the disk activity has stopped, just drag and drop the HDToolBox icon into the Ram:System/Tools drawer. Now you can start HDToolBox, where hopefully the changes made to the icon will take effect.

For HDInstTools:  First do any changes that needs to be done to the icon on the Amiga911 disk, then select "System > Resources > Extract HDInstTools" from the workbench menu. When the disk activity has stopped, just drag and drop the HDInstTools icon into the Ram:Programs drawer. Now you can start HDInstTools, where hopefully the changes made to the icon will take effect.

The next time you boot the Amiga911 disk, just repeat the procedure by first extracting the program, then drag & drop the icon, and finally start HDToolBox / HDInstTools.  This is hardly an ideal solution I will admit, so something else has to be done to fix things in the future.

Problems with ANAIIS 1.10       (fixed in update 1.59a)
If you want to include version 1.10 of the USB stack on the Amiga911 disk, there is a couple of problems involved. One is that upon trying to add the usbstart command, the icon will be added instead. Here you must manually copy the correct file to either the System1/C or Amiga911/C dir found inside the project drawer.  If it's present. you can also just delete the usbstart icon since it's not really needed. This issue will be fixed in the next version of Amiga911 Maker.

The other problem has to do with the highway.usbhcd file which is missing in ANAIIS 1.10. Why this is the case is hard to tell since the author doesn't mention anything about this in the documentation that follows the package. A possible explanation might be that it's replaced by the hostusb.usbhcd file which is new in 1.10, but I really have to investigate this further.  Anyway, the consequence of the missing file is that Amiga911 Maker may refuse to add ANAIIS 1.10 to your project if the Highway option found on page 2 of "Configure system" is enabled. So in order to fix this problem, just disable the Highway option. Then you will have to figure out a workaround for adding Highway USB support for yourself.

The Poseidon + Spider problem       (fixed in update 1.59a)
One of the biggest challenges I have with Amiga911 Maker, is adding support for hardware that I personally don't own. This is because I have no way of testing if things actually works as they should, and the Spider USB card is just a perfect example of this. Even though I have had a Mediator PCI busboard in my Amiga 1200 tower for several years, the only USB card I have ever used is a Subway.  But I just recently bought a Spider II card, and here I discovered that the methods used in the PoseidonMan and StartPoseidon scripts for initializing the USB hardware, just doesn't work with the Spider.

The standard method used in the scripts, is that for each USB device driver found, the following command will be run:
  ADDUSBHardware Devs:USBHardware/<driver>
Where <driver> is the file name of a device driver (like subway.device for example)
But for the Spider, the following three commands must be run instead:
  ADDUSBHardware Devs:USBHardware/spider.device 2
  ADDUSBHardware Devs:USBHardware/spider.device 0
  ADDUSBHardware Devs:USBHardware/spider.device 1

The current versions of the PoseidonMan and StartPoseidon scripts doesn't support this way of doing things, so if you want to start the Poseidon stack after booting an Amiga911 disk or Emergency Disk II, you will either have to manually enter the commands in Shell, or you could try to modify the scripts.  Anyway, this problem will be solved some time in the future.

xMore & AmigaOS 2.x problems       (fixed in version 1.62)
Despite what the xMore documentation claims, this text viewer isn't really that compatible with OS2.x. What happens upon running it on a Workbench 2.x system is graphical corruption on the right vertical slider bar, and xMore will also crash when it's being closed. Currently, xMore will be included on the Amiga911 disk instead of MultiView/AmigaGuide if the AmigaGuide option found on page 1 of "Configure system" is disabled. So if you want to create an OS2.0 or OS2.1 Amiga911 boot disk, it is really recommended that this option is enabled.  In the next version of Amiga911 Maker, the Most text viewer will be included as standard on OS2.x projects.

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