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With the release of Amiga911 Maker version 1.2, the option for creating the Amiga911 disk was introduced, in other words the formatting, installing and copying of files could happen automatically. This really is the easiest way of doing it, because all you have to do is just insert a floppy disk and click the "Create disk" button found in the main window of Amiga911 Maker, then you can proceed by clicking the "Start" button.

But if you prefer to do this manually, the instructions below describes how this can be done. Have in mind though that ALL files currently present on the disk will be lost, and that there's no easy way of recovering them, do also make sure that the disk is not write protected.

The following assumes that the disk drive you will be using is DF0:

Formatting the disk from Shell:
First you need to open a Shell window, so either double-click the Shell icon found in the System drawer of your Workbench partition, or select "Execute Command" from the Workbench menu and enter NewShell in the requester that pops up.
When you are done, enter the following in the Shell window and press the Return key:


Or if english isn't your main language, enter the following instead:


Formatting the disk from Workbench:
Click the disk icon of DF0: and select "Icons -> Format disk..." from the main Workbench menu, then a window similar to the one on the right will pop up.
Enter Amiga911 in the text gadget and make sure the "Put Trashcan" option is OFF, "Fast File System" is ON and "Directory Cache" is OFF. If english isn't your main language, you should also set "International Mode" to ON.

When you are finished, click the "Format" button.

Installing the disk:
For the disk to be bootable, a boot-block has to be written to it first. To do this, enter the following in Shell:


If you want to check if the disk has a boot-block, enter the following:


Don't worry if you already have copied some files to the disk first, because installing a boot-block to a floppy shouldn't affect the files that are present on it.

Copying all files to your Amiga911 disk:
Now you're almost done with creating the boot floppy, all that remains now is to copy all files over to your newly formatted & installed boot disk. This is easiest done by using a filemanager like FileMaster or DOpus, but it can also be done with drag & drop via Workbench. Just make sure that all files + sub-dirs which are inside the Amiga911 directory is copied to the disk.

Another method that can be used is to copy the files via Shell. To do this you must first change the directory in Shell to the Amiga911 dir inside your project (by using the CD command), you can make sure that Shell is in the correct dir by entering List and pressing the Return key. If the files listed now includes the System1.lzx, System2.lzx and Programs.lzx files, you have selected the right directory!

To copy the files to disk, enter the following:


And then all files & sub-dirs inside the Amiga911 dir should be copied to the boot floppy.

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