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Inside the Amiga Large HD archive, you can find various files that can be used for adding support for large harddisks (>4GB) on Amigas with AmigaOS 3.1 or lower. This includes filesystems, scsi.device patches and various tools. For downloading the latest pack, you can find some links on the Downloads page.

The files was copied from one of the ClassicWB packs by Bloodwych, and none of the files are deleted or modified in any way, they appear just like they do in version 28 of the ClassicWB ADSVP pack. The Amiga Large HD distribution now uses the same version number as the ClassicWB pack it was taken from.

I decided to rip this great collection of files from the ClassicWB pack since I thought they could be useful for all those who don't use ClassicWB, and this makes it a lot easier to get hold of them. But if you already are a ClassicWB user, you most likely won't need this distribution since you already have the files in question.

You can find out more about ClassicWB here:

Bloodwych have also made a great tutorial that explains how to add support for large harddisks to the Amiga, but have in mind that this tutorial assumes that you are using ClassicWB on your Amiga.

You can find the tutorial here:
Here is the direct link:


Please note that PFS3-AIO drawer is located elsewhere in the pack now.

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