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The Amiga911 boot disks created will contain a custom icon set. There was three main reasons why I decided to replace the original standard icons with some new ones:
1. To make things more standardized where all icons are of the same size.
2. To have some icons that uses less disk space on the boot disk.
3. To make the Amiga911 Maker package more Aminet friendly since no WB files can be included in archives hosted there (this idea is now dropped).

First I was thinking about asking Cammy at for permission to use the icon set she is working on because I kind of like the looks of her icons (see screenshot here), but since I wanted the Amiga911 icons to look good (or at least OK-ish) regardless of the screenmode used, I decided to have a go at it myself.

The result can be seen in the image below where you can see some of the icons, and by clicking the image you will be able to take a closer look at them. The graphics in the icons looks a bit "squashed" in laced and "stretched" in non-laced screenmodes, but I have tried to find a balance where the icons don't look too bad no matter the displays pixel ratio. All icons have a size of 44x22 pixels, and while some of them uses two frames, the majority consists of one frame only. The file size of the two-frame icons are less than 1KB, and the one-frame icons are 0.5KB or less.


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