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If files that patches the system and requires a reboot upon booting is to be included on the Amiga911 disk, there would be no point of including them in the System1.lzx archive since this would dramatically increase the boot time. Just imagine it, first everything in System1.lzx would be extracted one time upon booting, then the system gets patched and the Amiga reboots. Now the entire System1.lzx archive would have to be extracted a second time, before continuing with loading Workbench. The alternative could of course be to simply leave the files in question out of the archive, and store them directly on the disk in uncompressed form, but then the disk space usage would increase instead.

This is why the concept of the System0 directory and System0.lzx archive was introduced in version 1.38 of Amiga911 Maker. So if patches that requires a reboot upon booting is to be included on the Amiga911 disk, a System0 dir will automatically be created when running "Copy System files", and then the relevant files will be copied to it. One example of usage is if the boot disk should patch the system with a newer scsi.device upon booting, then both the LoadModule command and the scsi.device file will be included in the System0 directory. You can also create this dir manually if there are other "requires reboot" type of patches that should be included on the disk.

When the "Create archives" Gui is run, it will check for the presence of a System0 dir, and if it exists, a System0.lzx archive will be created in addition to the other ones.

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