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Inside the "Create archives" window of Amiga911 Maker you may have noticed an option called "User Dir(s)", and maybe you have been wondering about what it actually does? Well here is the answer:

In case you want to crunch/compress files that are not really meant to be included on the boot disk, or you find out that certain files you want XPK crunched are not being crunched at all by Amiga911 Maker, there is an quick & easy way to achive this. All you have to do is first create a new UserLZX and/or UserXPK drawer/dir in your project directory, then you copy all files to be crunched/compressed to the newly created dir(s). Now it should be possible to enable the "User Dir(s)" option in the "Create archives" window, and once you click the "Start" button, the files should then be processed.

Here is a short explenation of the two directories:

If you create a UserLZX directory in your project dir and copy files to it, all files inside will be added to a new archive simply called UserLZX.lzx. The location of the archive will be in the project dir, and if the lzx file already exists, it will be overwritten. You can also have a directory structure inside the UserLZX dir since sub dirs will also be added to the archive. The compression used will be of the same type as the other archives, you can read more about this in the Some info about LZX compressing page.
Have in mind that this functionality in Amiga911 Maker isn't really meant for creating really large archives (thousands of files), it should usually be no problems with doing so, but there is always a small chance of something going wrong.

If you create a UserXPK directory in your project dir and copy files to it, the files inside it will be XPK crunched, the only exceptions are icons, files with a size of 512 bytes or lower and files that can't be crunched (resulting file will be bigger than the original). I decided to include this functionality since the normal file crunching done by Amiga911 Maker is a bit restrictive with the files to be processed, this is because of safety reasons since there are certain files that may not be safe to crunch or really shouldn't be crunched at all. You can find more info about XPK in the Some info about XPK crunching page.
Please note that both the "XPK Crunch" and "User Dir(s)" options must be enabled for the files in the UserXPK dir to be crunched!


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